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Educational System
Korea has an obligatory education system of 9 years?from the first grade to the 9th grade, or up to middle school. Further education depends on the decision of the individual, but to enter a college or university, one should be a graduate of an accredited high school. One can also obtain the qualification to take the college entrance examination by passing a qualification examination provided by the state. At present, Korea administers the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT), which all the prospective high school graduates of Korea take at the same time. Most colleges and universities in Korea use the CSAT score as one of the major criteria in their screening.

College & University
ㆍUlsan University
Ulsan University Having started on March 16, 1970 as Ulsan Engineering College, Ulsan University is now the largest university in Ulsan, consisting of 11 colleges and 18 undergraduates, 14 departments, and 6 graduate schools.
The university foundation is being run by Hyundai, the world-renowned manufacturer of automobiles and ships, whose aim is to elevate the university to a world-class level.
ㆍUlsan College
Ulsan College Having started on April 8, 1960 as Ulsan Industrial Institute, this college was renamed Ulsan College on November 11, 1998. The campus itself is divided into the West Campus, located in Nam-gu Mugeo-dong, and the East Campus, located in Dong-gu Hwajeong-dong. As with Ulsan University, Hyundai also runs the foundation of this college.

ㆍAsan Library
Asan Library collects, processes, analyzes, and keeps diverse academic information that are necessary for the students and the faculty of Ulsan University. It is a local society that provides active support for education and research activities, as well as excellent services to proactively respond to the diverse demands of its users. Currently, the central library holds more than 600,000 books; more than 1,000 periodical titles; and multimedia data such as Web DB and CD-ROMs. To enhance the availability of the materials not only to the university community but also to prospective off-campus users, the central library and the electronic library maintain free-access homepages.
Website : http://library.ulsan.ac.kr

Educational Programs
ㆍUniversity of Ulsan Foreign Language Institute
Foreign Language Institute is committed to provide the best quality language curriculums to students and local community members with the aim to enhance foreign language skills to its maximum level. Foreign Language Institute provides various language learning programs and supplementary facilities to meet the individual need of foreign language learning. To generate more efficient and fluent learning, the Foreign Language Institute is equipped with latest multimedia learning facilities and resources as of audio, video and DVD learning materials. At present, the regular learning programs (credit earning) are English Conversation I / II / III / IV, Screen English, Understanding English Speaking Culture, TOEIC(Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). Also, non credit earning programs are Small Group Special Sessions (English Conversation, Listening, Writing, Grammar, Listening & Pronunciation Practice/Japanese/Chinese) and TOEIC and TOEFL classes to take upon students' skill levels. Also, to meet the demand of local community, there are junior language programs (English Conversation, TOEIC Bridges and etc) that are available for elementary and middle school students. We also provide teaching sessions upon demands of commercial companies. .Foreign Language Leaning programs are available not during regular semester terms, but also during vacation days (both summer and winter) to provide the best opportunity to foreign language learners. There are given 12 trial TOEIC tests in every semester so the participants could check up one's foreign language levels then to generate good score at the actual test. Ulsan University is authorized to offer TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test Center with by the Korea TOEIC Association. Ulsan University hosts 12 of actual TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test every year from 2007, and the number of examinees is steadily increasing.
Website : http://lec.ulsan.ac.kr
ㆍInstitute of Continuing Education at Ulsan University
The Institute of Continuing Education was established for the exclusive purpose of providing social services by making the university’s educational facilities available to the local community. The Institute of Social Education is offering such useful programs as social education, which is designed to assist the students in their quest for self-realization, and to help prepare the students for a healthy social life; informatization education, which is designed to help the students adapt to the rapidly changing technological society, and to provide support for education, which is needed by industries and corporations.
Website : http://cec.ulsan.ac.kr